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Launching Q1 2019


Founded In the year 1985, SWEN has developed a presence within the entertainment industry by distributing a diverse array of entertainment products across multiple genres and media formats. SWEN is a full service independent entertainment group of companies that provides distribution, production, licensing, live events and film financing services throughout Latin America, Asian and the U.S.

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Swen has taken this experience and has taken the next step in its evolution with the launch of SWEN NOW.

About Us

Rent or own any movie of your choice
or subscribe for unlimited access to a wide range of programs for a monthly flat rate

The Service will compatible with TV’s, tablets, smartphones, PC’s & consoles.

Content that is NOT on other major services are made available for this platform. Including libraries and back catalogues from studios all across the globe. As well as exclusive productions developed and produced by SWEN.

The strategy is to work focused in content that would avoid direct competition in a very deep market.

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